The Ultimate Sonos Setup Guide (2024): Choosing the Best Speakers and Soundbars

In the realm of home audio, Sonos has established itself as a leader in delivering premium sound quality, seamless connectivity, and intuitive user experiences. With an array of speakers and soundbars to choose from, building the perfect Sonos setup tailored to your preferences can be an exciting endeavor. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best Sonos speakers and soundbars available in 2024, helping you create an immersive audio environment that enhances your home entertainment experience.

Sonos One (Gen 2)

The Sonos One (Gen 2) remains a top choice for those seeking a compact yet powerful smart speaker. Featuring built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, the Sonos One offers hands-free control and access to a world of music, podcasts, and more. With its rich sound quality and versatile design, the Sonos One is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms, serving as the cornerstone of your Sonos setup.

Sonos Five

For audiophiles and music enthusiasts craving superior sound quality, the Sonos Five is an excellent addition to any Sonos setup. With its premium components and meticulous tuning, the Sonos Five delivers deep bass, crisp highs, and clear vocals, ensuring an immersive listening experience. Whether you’re streaming high-fidelity audio or hosting a dance party, the Sonos Five’s robust performance makes it a standout choice for discerning listeners.

Sonos Move

For those who crave portability without compromising on sound quality, the Sonos Move is the ultimate wireless speaker. Featuring a durable, weather-resistant design and long-lasting battery life, the Sonos Move is built to withstand outdoor adventures and indoor gatherings alike. With its rich, detailed sound and versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Sonos Move lets you take your music wherever life takes you.

Sonos Arc

Elevate your home theater experience with the Sonos Arc, a premium soundbar that delivers immersive, theater-quality sound. Featuring Dolby Atmos support and advanced audio processing technologies, the Sonos Arc fills your room with dynamic, three-dimensional sound that brings movies, music, and games to life. With its sleek design and seamless integration with other Sonos speakers, the Sonos Arc is the perfect centerpiece for your home entertainment setup.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

Compact yet powerful, the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is an ideal soundbar for smaller living spaces or as a secondary audio solution in bedrooms or offices. With its rich sound quality, built-in voice assistants, and versatile connectivity options, including HDMI ARC and optical audio, the Sonos Beam offers a versatile audio solution that enhances your TV viewing experience. Plus, with support for Apple AirPlay 2, you can easily stream music from your iOS devices to the Sonos Beam with a simple tap.

Sonos Sub (Gen 3)

Take your Sonos setup to the next level with the Sonos Sub (Gen 3), a wireless subwoofer that adds deep, impactful bass to your audio experience. Featuring two force-canceling drivers for a distortion-free sound, the Sonos Sub delivers thunderous lows that bring music, movies, and games to life. With its sleek, sculptural design and easy setup process, the Sonos Sub seamlessly integrates into your existing Sonos ecosystem, enhancing the overall audio performance of your setup.

Sonos One SL

For those seeking a more affordable option without sacrificing on sound quality, the Sonos One SL is an excellent choice. With the same acoustic architecture as the Sonos One but without built-in voice assistants, the Sonos One SL delivers rich, room-filling sound that’s perfect for music, podcasts, and more. Plus, with its compact design and versatile mounting options, the Sonos One SL fits seamlessly into any room or setup.

Creating Your Ideal Sonos Setup

When building your Sonos setup, consider factors such as room size, desired audio quality, and budget to determine the best combination of speakers and soundbars for your needs. Start by selecting a primary speaker or soundbar that serves as the focal point of your setup, such as the Sonos Arc for home theater enthusiasts or the Sonos One for versatile whole-home audio.

Next, consider adding additional speakers or soundbars to complement your primary device and create a multi-room audio experience. For example, you could pair a Sonos Beam with a set of Sonos One speakers for immersive surround sound in your living room, or place a Sonos Move in your kitchen for music while cooking.

Finally, explore Sonos’s range of accessories and peripherals, such as speaker stands, wall mounts, and subwoofers, to further customize and enhance your setup. With the right combination of speakers, soundbars, and accessories, you can create an immersive audio environment that transforms your home entertainment experience.


Building the perfect Sonos setup requires careful consideration of your audio preferences, room layout, and budget. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, movie buff, or casual listener, Sonos offers a wide range of speakers and soundbars to suit every need and preference. By selecting the right combination of devices and accessories, you can create an immersive audio environment that elevates your home entertainment experience to new heights.


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